I am so grateful that I found Emini Strategies. I am currently in the Military and depending on the situation. I could be here one week and gone the next and because of that, I really depend on ... Read more

Willie O.

      I have used George's Reversion Strategy on a demo and a live account. I found the strategy to be very effective in identifying short term overbought ... Read more

James B....
New York,USA

      I'm a relatively novice trader who tried trading the Russell futures for over a year with negative results. Just over a month ago I hooked-up with Ge... Read more

Kerry R.
  • Our strategies are rules based, easy to use and understand, but are NOT designed to be mechanical systems.
  • They are designed exclusively to day-trade the Emini S&P 500 futures.
  • You will understand the logic behind every buy and sell signal and with our real-time proprietary indicators you can watch each signal emerge and develop.
  • Generate up to 15 trade signals per day, per strategy.
  • Get real-time buy and sell signals for the Emini S&P on your charts.
  • Find trades at any time of the day. Our strategies trade 24 hours a day.
  • Built in risk management rules.
  • The strategies are flexible and can fit any risk tolerance and potential profit needs and always use predefined stop losses.